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 Anderson Farms Est. Time of Tour: allow 2 hours for a visit.
Hours: 9am-4pm
Cost: $6.00 Child
Size: min 15+
Chaperon ratio: 1:20 kids.
Other: Recommend Pre-K through 5th Grade, clothes will get dirty from dirt and sturdy shoes will be required.   
303-828-5210 Rachelle Wegele
Argo Gold Mine      

Est. Time of Tour:
Hours: 9am-6pm (last tour 430pm)
Cost: $15 Adults, $7.50 kids(7+). rates reduced for larger groups.
Size: 25-49; 50+
Chaperon ratio: 1:25
Other: Reserve a date on-line or by phone

Arvada Center for the Performing Arts  

Est. Time of Tour: Depends on paid program
Programs: Fall "Flat Stanly"
     Spring, "How I became a Pirate"
Cost: $8 per person show
           $9 Show and a Talk back (Q&A w/ performer)
            $10 Talk back, lunch, workshop
           (visual arts, production, clay, etc.)
Scheduling: Reserve date two weeks prior to performance

720-898-7245 Lynn Stapp   
Arvada Flour Mill    Must contact Scott for field trip    303-424-4557 Scott Staley
Astor House/ Clear Creek History Park   

Astor House: 
   Est Time of  Tour: 1 Hour tour, 30 min program can be added per request. 
   Cost: $4 per person 
   Size: Min 15 people
Clear Creek History Park:
   Est. Time of Tour: 2 hour program at Clear Creek History Park program has four stations (Butter making, Pioneer games, Native people, & Gold Mining)
   Cost: $6 per person
   Size: Min15+
Scheduling: Two week notice. Deposit $50 for 30+ people (will be applied toward total cost)
Cancellation Fee: $50 less than 24 hour notice and late by 20 minutes

303-278-3557 ext.203 Jessica Lira
Aurora History Museum   

Est. Time of Tour: 1/2 to 1-1/2 Hours
Hours: Tues-Fri (9am-4pm)
Cost: Self-guided Free
         Guided $2/child 1-2 activities
         $2.50/child 3-4 activities.
Programs: Self guided or numerous guided programs. (example: black smithing, homesteading, historic games, high line canal water)
Chaperon ratio: 1:10
Outreach: Yes, refer to website for programs

303-739-6667 Jennifer Kuehner   
Aurora Water Treatment    Numerous, activities please refer to website (only Aurora).   720-427-6027 Natale Browler   
Boulder Museum of History

Est time of Tour: 1-2.5 hours
Hours: Tues-Fri(10am-5pm)
Cost: $1.50 except Banjo Billy Bus &
           Museum ($7.50-$10.00)
Size: Max 35 people
Chaperon Ratio-1:10
Other: $15 min charge
Outreach: YES

303-449-3464 contact
Broomfield Depot Museum Discusses the early development of Broomfield and the importance of the Broomfield Depot with the transportation for Broomfield with the other local cities. Must call to reserve a time for a tour. 303-466-3663 Peggy
Buffalo Bills Memorial Museum  

Est time of tour: 1-1.5 hour
Hours: 9am-4pm
Cost: 1) Native American Program-$1 per student
           2) Self guided. $0.75 per ten students
           3) General Admission-Adults $5, Kids
                (6-15) $1
Size: Any
Scheduling: 4 weeks

303-256-0744 Anyone
Butterfly Pavilion-Westminster

Est time of tour: 2-3 Hours
Cost: Adults $8.50; Students $3.50
Programs: Life Cycle, Habit Happening & Buggy Basics, and self guided
Chaperon Ratio: 1:5
Scheduling: 4-6 weeks

720-974-1877       Gwen Tenney
Byer's Evans House   

Est time of tour: 1-1.5
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-3pm
Cost: General Admission Adults $6, Kids $4 (6-12)
           Student tours $2.50 per student
Size: 30 (classroom)
Programs: Focuses on 3rd and 4th Grade Colorado History
Chaperon Ratio: N/A
Scheduling: 4-6 weeks
Other: Students become 1 of 19 historical characters with costumes, students role play as they go through the tour, very hands on.

303-620-4933 Ashly Rogers
Carson Nature Center/South Platte Park Many programs to choose from, visit website. Fees will vary contact Elise for rates and schedule. 303-730-1022
ext. 23
Elise Rogers
Cave of the Winds
(Near Colorado Springs)
Est time of tour: 1.5-2 hours
Hours: Summer 9am-9pm
           Winter 10am-5pm
Cost: Ranges from $10 to $25 per student depending on age and program
Size: K-8th max 100 students; 9th-12th max 45 students. All programs need min 15 students
Programs: Several offered (examples: Bat in Caves II, Subterranean Play Land Experience, Underground Adventure, etc.)
Scheduling: 2 weeks
ext. 5056
Children's Museum Est time of tour: 1-3 hours
Hours: 9am-4pm (except Wednesday 730pm)
Cost: $6 for everyone
Size: Classroom
Programs: child guided and 13 guided programs
                     (examples: Whose Habitat is it Anyway, Star Lab,
                       just Toolin Around)
Chaperon Ratio: 1:7
Scheduling: 2 Weeks
Other: The museum is designed for children up to 8 years. Various programs for K-3rd will cost less than admission, but varies with program. All programs include a class, followed by children guided tour.
303-561-0113 Rachel Foster
Colorado Bird Observatory There are opportunities for Bird Banding Field trips. The old stone house environmental education center islocated just North of Barr Lake State Park in Brighton 303-659-4348  ext. 15 Cassy Bohnet
Colorado Division of Wildlife

Volunteer opportunities link is on the top right of the homepage. Under the Education tab, there are a lot of teacher resources available.

6060 Broadway Denver, CO 80216

303-291-7328 Mary McCormac, Education Coordinator
Colorado Ocean Journey (Downtown Aquarium)

Est time of tour: 1-2 Hours   
Hours: 10am-930pm  (Classrooms times 930; 1030; 1130 (Tues-Fri)
Cost: Adults $11.50, Kids $5
Size: Classroom
Programs: Self guided, 9 classroom programs  (example: Squid Inside Out, Boneless Bodies Sensational Sharks)
Chaperon Ratio-1:5
Scheduling: Self Guided 2 weeks; Classroom program/tour  3 weeks notice with payment
Other: Non-refundable within the 2 week notice period.
Outreach: YES

Colorado Railroad Museum Est. time of tour: 1.5 Hours   
Hours: 9am-5pm
Cost: Students $4 kids; $0.75
Size: max 60 students
Chaperon Ratio-1:7(age 10+), 1:5(age 9 under)
Scheduling: Call Steve Lee
303-279-4591 Steve Lee  
Colorado State Capital    Est. time of tour: 1-1.5 Hour
Hours: 730am-5pm
Size: max size for group 30 students
Programs: 3 programs ( historical, dome, legislative)
                     NOTE-legislative only January to Mid May
Colorado State Parks At Colorado State Parks, we aim to provide a spectrum of safe, quality recreation experiences for our visitors while effectively managing the natural resources under our authority. Contact state parks directly to find out about educational resources, and service opportunities    
Coors Field   

Est. time of tour: 2 Hours
Hours: During Season Mon-Sat (times vary due to games)
              OFF Season Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat
Cost: Adults $7, Kids (12 and under) $5
           Groups 25+ $1 off

Delaney Farm    Est time of tour: 1 Hour   
Cost: Donation $25 per 15 people
C)720-404-0615 Heather DeLong   
Denver Art Museum Est. time of tour: 1 Hour   
Hours: Tues-Fri 9:45am-11am
Cost: $3.50
Size: classroom   
Programs: 3 programs (introductory, subject, exhibitian/self
Chaperon Ratio-1:8
Scheduling: 3 Weeks; payment upon arrival      
Denver Botanical Gardens  Est. time of tour: 1.5-2 Hours
Hours: 10am
Cost: $4(Guided Explorations) $2(Discovery
Size: Classroom
Programs: Several (examples: Name that
                     tree; Ecosystem Exploration;
                      Fossils to Flowers)
Scheduling: ASAP
Other: Denver Botanical Garden has activities at Chatfield. Group rates are available, and must have a reservation.
Outreach: YES
Denver Firefighters Museum Est. time of tour: 1hour
Hours: 10am-4pm
Cost: Adult $5, Kids $3
Size: 10 min/60 max
Programs: Consist of 4 stations
Chaperon Ratio-1:10
Scheduling: 2 weeks
303-892-1436   Nick Ota-Wang
Denver Indian Center Does not do tours. However, the center can set up a lunch with traditional food and dance. The center mostly goes to schools to perform dances   303-936-2688 Alistar Bane
 Denver Mint

 Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Reservations: recommended. groups of up to 20 can make reservations on the website www.usmint.gov.  Large groups of more than 20 can book through the united States Mint public Affairs Office 303-405-4759.  United States Mint Department of the Treasury 320 West Colfax Ave Denver, CO 80204

 303-405-4761 Jennifer DeBroekert
Denver Museum of Nature and Science  Est. time of tour: 2.5-3 Hours
Hours: 10am-5pm
Cost: Self guided $5
Size: 15-60 students

Programs: Self guided and Numerous areas of study (planitirium, IMAX,  Science of Action)    Program Guide PDF

Chaperon Ratio-1:10
Scheduling: 4+ weeks
Other: Cancellation fee $50 (less than 2 weeks)
Outreach: YES
WEBSITE:  Denver Nature and Science
Denver Zoo   Est. time of tour: 1.5-2 Hours
Hours: 9am-5pm
Cost: Adult $3, Kids $3
Size: classroom
Programs: Self guided
Guided Tour (example: Habitats,
Animal Adoptation, Endagered
Chaperone Ratio-1:10
Schedule: 3 weeks, Register on-line Payments must be received 2 weeks from arrival date
Dinosaur Ridge Est. time of tour: 1.5 Hours
Hours: 9am-5pm
Cost: Kids $3, $36 deposit No Refund less
           than 24 hours.
Size: Classroom  
Programs: Self-guided; Bus Tour; 4 guided
                    (examples: Swamp Site,                                     Dinosaur Tracksite, Brontosaur                         Buldges, Dinosaur Bone Quarry
Schedule: call or email
Other: Best for 3rd Grade and up
303-697-3466 ext. 101 Erin Fair
 Edgar Mine  Colorado School of Mines  The Edgar Mine, known as Colorado School of Mines’ Experimental Mine is an underground laboratory for future engineers.
The Edgar Mine is open for public tours for a nominal fee. Public hours vary, so tours must be booked in advance.
 303-567-2911  e-mail
 Eldora Ski Area

X-Country Skiing and snowshoeing available, they offer lessons and rental equipment.

For Group Skiing prices go to thew website and choose "groups/functions" on the menu. 

 303-440-8700  Sony Cole
Fiske Planetarium
Est time of tour: 1.5-2 hours
Hours: 9am-4pm (for schools)
Cost: $4.50 per student reduced to $3.00 for extra program
Size: Classroom
Programs: Pre-recorded Star Show, Personalized Labs & Workshop
Chaperon ratio-1:7
Schedule: 3+ weeks
Other: $20 cancellation fee less than 24 hours

Four Mile Historic Park   
Est time of tour: Contact Laura Long
Hours: 10am-12pm
Cost: $3.50 per student
Size: Must be 20+
Programs: Cherokee Trail, Pioneer Sampler, Winter Wonder Days (All Teacher led)
Chaperon ratio-
3+ weeks
Other: $50 less than two weeks (Non-weather related) and less than 2 hours with bad weather. Best for K-6th



Laura Long

Garden of the Gods    Est.time of tour: 1-2 hours
Hours: 9am-5pm
Cost: $2.00
Size: Classroom
Programs: geololgy and meet the park; junior park ranger (students fill out activity boo and get recoginized as ranger); self guided.
Other: Focus of programs are for 3rd-6th grades.
719-219-0101 or 719-219-0108 Bonnie Frum

The Georgetown Loop

Est. time of tour: 2.5 Hours
Hours: May and Sept, Mon-Fri varying times
Cost: $19 per child; $26.50 per adult
Schedule: Call for appointment

Golden Pioneer Museum Refer back to Astor House    
KCNC TV Channel 4    Hours: Tuesday & Thursdays 10:00am & 2:00pm
Cost: Free
Scheduling: ASAP contact Elaine D. Torres (or Intern)
303-230-6510 Elaine D. Torres
Littleton Historical Museuem

Est. time of tour:1 to 1.5 Hours
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm; Saturday 10:00am-
           5:00pm; Sunday 1:00am-5:00pm
cost: FREE
Size: 5+
Programs(s): Self-guided and teacher led

303-795-3950 Becky
Lookout Mountain Nature Center Program: Vary monthly refer to website for further information    
Manitou Springs Cliff Dwellings      

Hours: Summer: 9:00am-5:00pm
           Fall:        10:00am-4:00pm
Cost: $5.75 option 1; $6.75 for option 2
Program(s): 1) Guided tour w/ video grind corn, explore artifacts
                  2) Same as 1 except students paint pottery.
Scheduling: ASAP

Molly Brown House Est. time of tour: 45 minutes
Hours: 10:00am-3:30pm
Cost: $3 (K-8); $5 (Grades 9+)
Size: 30 people max, larger groups will be divided into groups
Program(s): Life of Molly Brown.
Scheduling: ASAP, Fill out reservation form online or call
Other: Tours start every 30 minutes
Morrison Natural History Museum Est. time of tour: 1-2 Hours
Cost: $7 Adult; $3 Kids
Program(s): Guided 3x daily (10:00am; 12:15pm; 2:15pm)
                   Self guided
Chaperon Ratio-1:10
Scheduling: 2 weeks, register on-line or phone
National Center of Atmospheric Research Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Cost: FREE
Size: 8 minimum; 60 maximum
Program(s): Several to choose from-Visit website NCOAR
Chaperon Ratio- 1:4 (Grade K-2); 1:8 (Grade 3rd-8th);
                        1:10 (Grade 9+)
Scheduling: 3 weeks
Other: Call ASAP for cancellation
Plains Conservation Center Cost: $6($5 Title 1), $8(3 Hour Program)
Programs: Grassland Ecosystem, Soddy Pioneers
                 Cheyenne Indian Camp.
Scheduling: 3-4 months 
                    (For early spring 12 months recommended)
Quincy Reservoir       Field trips for schools will need to be made for the beginning and end of year. The park is open for field trips starting in March and ending in October.  303-739-7000  Aurora Parks
Red Rocks Park     303-697-6970  
Rocky Mountain Aresenal National Wildlife Refuge

Nature Programs and Tours: For information about specific nature programs and tours, please call the Visitor Center at 303/289-0930.

 Seven Falls
(Colorado Springs)
Hours: 8:30am-10:30am
Cost: Adults $8.00; Kids $5.00
 719-632-0765  Sevenfalls
 Tiny Town

Hours: 10:00am-4:00pm
Cost: Adults $5.00; Kids $3.00; Train Ride $2.00
Other: Open during the summer months everyday; Only open on weekends during the rest of the year. Tiny Town would best serve Pre-K to 2nd Grade

 Union Station    Call/email Roger Sherman for scheduling  303-592-5465  Roger Sherman
University of Colorado
  (Natural History)
 Hours: 8:00am-2:00pm (Monday -Friday)
Cost: Guided tours are $2.00/student; workshops are $3.00/student; guided tours and workshops booked together are $4.00. Self-guided tours are free of charge. There is no charge for chaperones, and we offer a reduced cost for students who receive "free or reduced-cost lunches"
Schedule: 6-8 week notice, made through website, must be 15 minutes early. The museum is best for kids ages 7+ or 2nd grade and up. Schedule Field Trip

Website: CU Natural History

 Wing of the Rockies
  Air and Space Museum
Est. Time of Tour: 1-2 Hours
Cost: Adults $11.00; Kids $6.00
    Aviation Exploration, Flight Adventure (3rd grade+)
    Flight Engineer Aviation Adventure (3rd grade+)
    Top Guns for tots (Pre-K+)
    Project Pilot Class (6th grade+)
Schedule: 2 Week notice.

Contact our staff to update this information

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