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The Champions™ Transition Program

Special needs students must leave high school before age 22. Many are unprepared for the workforce by not having a transition plan and have not mastered basic skills. The Federal Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1990 requires public schools to start a formal transition plan by the time the student turns 16 years of age.

Learning for Life has developed a program called the “Champions™ Transition Program” to help school districts, teachers, and parents guide their special needs students through this transition process. The program includes fun and engaging activities and lessons to help teachers instruct students ages 16-21 in life skills needed to achieve self-sufficiency and success as an independent productive member of society. The program emphasizes the following key components:

  • Life Skills – teaches skills for managing a home, family, and finances
  • Personal & Social Skills – teaches socially acceptable behavior and decision making skills
  • Vocational Skills – facilitates the development of vocational skills through work evaluation and adjustment, job tryouts, placement, and the follow-up necessary for success. It includes lessons in vocational opportunities, planning & preparation, mental skills needed for good work habits, and job seeking skills.
  • Recognition Plan – Recognizes Transition Program participants for completing specific requirements.

The Champions™ Transition Skills program covers 6 objectives supported by 24 lessons:

  • Managing Finances
    • How to count money/make change
    • Personal budgeting
    • Checkbook management
    • Credit Card management
  • Decision-making skills
    • How to get Help
    • Knowing the Consequences of a Bad Decision
    • Developing and Evaluating Alternatives
    • Developing Goals
  • Vocational Opportunities
    • Rewards of Work
    • Sources of Training
    • How Work relates to Developing Self-Esteem
    • Job Classifications
  • Planning & Preparation
    • Identifying Vocational Interests
    • Choosing a Job
    • Identifying Requirements
    • Abilities and Skills
  • Mental Skills needed for Good Work Habits
    • Following Directions
    • Importance of Punctuality
    • Being a Team Member
    • Understanding Authority
  • Seeking a Job
    • Looking for a Job
    • Applying for a Job
    • Interviewing for a Job
    • Understanding Job Standards

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